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Field of Blessings: Ritual and Consciousness in the Work of Buddhist Healers

On Sale March 26, 2021

Ji Hyang Padma believes that we are hungry for a direct experience of the sacred in this culture. We try to fill the void with technology, and its “quick fix” of images and information. This leaves us hungry for true connectivity. We don’t need more information. We need more appreciation. Gratitude opens the heart, and gives our life meaning; it becomes a form of spiritual experience that gives us strength.

Field of Blessings explores how meaning-making can be approached by deep examination of the stories of our lives, which bridge the gap between the inner world and the outer world, giving shape to our experience. How can these narratives be spoken, written, or embodied? Ritual is the story brought-to-life, and a powerful vehicle for spiritual transformation, for reconnecting people with an embodied wholeness. Ji Hyang Padma shows that Chod, Medicine Buddha practices, and other Tibetan rituals are used by healers to evoke sacred energies, radical empathy, and to contact deep archetypal realms of the psyche.

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To experience the work,  spiritual counseling sessions may be booked here.

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Tuesday, Sept. 28th- Friday, Oct. 1st 

 Learn how to:

  • Develop unshakable serenity, mindfulness, and compassion 

  • Use somatic practices to de-escalate conflict

  • Find creative ways to bring spiritual healing to illness through the Five Elements

Buddhist healing rituals create the ground for experiences of radical empathy, support heart-mind integration, and contact deep archetypal realms of the psyche. The Medicine Buddha empowerment is a healing practice treasured by many in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition that we can practice for ourselves, or for someone we care about who is ill.

In this weekend workshop, Zen teacher, chaplain, and longtime Omega meditation teacher Ji Hyang Padma shares traditional Buddhist healing practices to help us reclaim the power of ritual within healing, helping us gain access to the boundless field of blessings that is our original nature, and become medicine for our world. The monks of Gaden Shartse monastery will join her via livestream, to give the Medicine Buddha empowerment.

Through the Field of Blessings approach, Ji Hyang weaves ancient teachings together with cutting-edge relational-cultural neuroscience that describes why these practices work so effectively. She also helps us gain an understanding of how Buddhist healing practices have catalyzed the somatic experiencing and contemplative care movements. 


Reader's Reviews

Dr. Ji Hyang Padma's brilliant book, Field of Blessings: , pulls together the essential of Buddhist healing, rituals and practices in an accessible way for all to read. There is a wealth of information for those in the West who struggle to understand the various sects and practices of Buddhism while artfully relating it to the western mind and consciousness. I found Ji Hyang's interviews with various Buddhist teachers and healers particularly illuminating. I highly recommend this book. 

— Dr. Ann Drake, author of Healing of the Soul: Shamanism & Pysche

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Padma, J. Living the Season: Zen Practice for Transformative Times. October 2013. Wheaton, IL:  Quest Books.

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