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Medicine Buddha at Omega Institute: August 27- Sept. 1 with Lama Tsering and Dr. Ji Hyang Padma

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Buddhist healing rituals create the ground for experiences of radical empathy, support heart-mind integration, and contact deep archetypal realms of the psyche. We will weave ancient teachings related to the Medicine Buddha together with cutting- edge relational-cultural neuroscience that describes why these practices work so effectively. We will gain an understanding of how Buddhist healing practices have catalyzed the contemplative sciences and healing arts. This will include attunements in the path of Reiki, and teaching that illuminates Reiki’s roots in Japanese Buddhist culture. We will experience the power of these paths directly through experiential exercises. Lama Tsering and Dr. Ji Hyang will also offer the opportunity to take refuge in the Bodhisattva path through sacred ceremony.

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