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Medicine Buddha: Buddhist Healing for Modern Life

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Learn Buddhist healing practices for personal and collective transformation from Buddhist teachers Lama Tsering Yodsampa and Dr.Ji Hyang Padma.

Buddhist healing rituals create the ground for experiences of radical empathy, support heart-mind integration, and contact deep archetypal realms of the psyche. We will weave ancient teachings related to the Medicine Buddha together with cutting- edge relational-cultural neuroscience that describes why these practices work so effectively. We will gain an understanding of how Buddhist healing practices have catalyzed the contemplative sciences and somatic experiencing movements. And we will experience the power of these paths directly through experiential exercises.

Guided by Lama Tsering and Ji Hyang Padma, you will learn how to:

· Develop unshakable serenity, mindfulness and compassion

· Use ritual to bring spiritual healing to illness and other life-changing events

Rituals will include the Medicine Buddha and White Tara practices, as well as vipassana and shamatha meditation practices. We will review the history of Buddhist healing and do some simple Medicine Buddha practices together. These practices help the practitioner overcome inner and outer obstacles, and gain insight into their healing journey. By reclaiming the power of ritual within healing, we gain access to the boundless field of blessings that is our original nature. We then become good medicine for our world.

It is recommended to read the following books in preparation for the course:

Padma, Field of Blessings: Ritual and Consciousness in the Work of Buddhist Healers

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