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Spiritual Practice for Challenging Times, Week 6: Parts and the Whole

This week, awareness of the relationship between parts and the whole has been brought home vividly for me through the situation in Ukraine. I was fortunate to join sangha (community) members in Ukraine for three hours of Tibetan Buddhist practice last night, which was as clear and strong, indestructible as a diamond.

To express solidarity and a recognition of the One Body/ One World that we are, please join in prayer and meditation on lovingkindness in whatever way is most resonant for you. And with love comes responsibility. How do we actualize that awareness of interconnection in our lives? Valarie Kaur has compiled this list of practical steps to help Ukraine.

This is the dark of the moon, just before Losar, Tibetan New Year. It is the perfect time to clean house and prepare space for blessing. Clean the refrigerator, the inbox, the closet, the heart. On Thursday, when Losar begins, celebrate through gestures of generosity. Perhaps there is a kind word, a gift of homemade bread, a kindness that we can extend to a stranger on the road or the sidewalk, or in a crowded store. What if we lived as if we were, or could be, the answer to someone else's prayer?

Here is this week's video.

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