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Resources: Lee Mirabai Harrington

with gratitude to Lee Mirabai Harrington for sharing her insight and gifts in the context of the Medicine Buddha workshop at Omega Institute, here is a list of resources related to her work.


NEJANG book available from Sky Press Books.

Lee offers weekly online Nejang practice sessions on Zoom for those who have received the training and instructions. These sessions are by optional donation. We are still on summer hiatus and I plan to resume in October. Students can email me to be added to that Nejang on Zoom mailing list.

She also offers Sowa Rigpa healing sessions both at the Omega Wellness Center (Mondays and Tuesdays) and at Menla's Dewa Great Bliss Spa.

Here are Lee Mirabai Harrington's social media links:

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Sep 04, 2023

Thank you all for a most enriching, well-rounded and profound Medicine Buddha Workshop. Deepest of bows to the three of you.

Sep 04, 2023
Replying to

Gratitude to you, Anna Marie, for your wholehearted engagement with the practice.

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